1.Applications are invited for TWO WEEKS AOTS Scholarship for Management Training in Japan -THE PROGRAM FOR JAPANESE CORPORATE MANAGEMENT (PJCM) – FEB 14 – 29, 2023, OSAKA (Deadline: NOV 27)


2. Applications are invited for TWO WEEKS AOTS Scholarship for Management Training in Japan – THE TRAINING PROGRAM ON PROGRAM & PROJECT MANAGEMENT (PPTP) – 17 – 30 JAN 2024, TOKYO (DEADLINE: 30 OCT 2023)

3. Announcement of WNF – ASA KERALA FIVE DAY WEBINAR ON “MANAGING PERFORMANCE IN MODERN ERA” (MPME) – OCT 25, 26, 27, 30 & 31, 2023 – KOCHI, KERALA, INDIA – Application DEADLINE: OCT 20, 2023



Forthcoming Programs

AOTS Scholarship Programs

ASA Kerala Webinars

2. Japanese Language Training

ASA Kerala Webinars

Recent AOTS Scholarship Programs

AOTS Training Programs in Japan

Broadly there are 3 categories of Training Programs (which are relevant to us) organized by AOTS Tokyo and conducted in Japan. These are Scholarship Programs, NGC Programs and Customized Training Programs for Corporates.

AOTS Scholarship Programs
These are Programs conducted in Japan for senior level employees and SME sector entrepreneurs. Normally such programs are of 10 to 15 days duration. A part of the total cost of the program is subsidized by AOTS.

Total cost for participating in a program of two weeks duration works out to about Rs. 3 lakhs. This includes return air fare, accommodation, food, course fee, cost of factory visits etc. But the participants need to pay about Rs.1.40 lakhs only. Applicants are to go through a formal selection process. A candidate’s success in the selection process normally depends on his position in the organization (depending upon the type of program applied for), the total number of applicants for the program, proper documentation and recommendation by the AOTS Alumni Associations etc. The following are the scholarship programs generally conducted by AOTS on a regular basis. (Please click on the program hyper link for more details)

a) Program on Design Management –PDM
b) The Program on Productivity Improvement for India – INPI
c) The Program for Quality Problem Solving – PQPS
d) Program for Quality Management – PQM
e) Training Course on Solving Humanand Organizational Problems – SHOP
f) The Corporate Management Program on Energy/Resource Saving & Sustainability – CMPE
g) The Program for Japanese Corporate Management – PJCM
h) The Leadership Development Training Program – LDTP
i) The Program on Business Innovation and Organization Development – BIOD
j) The Program on Information and Communication Technology in Emerging Market Economies– PICT
k) The Program on Program and Project Management- PPTP
l) The Program on Eco Business Innovation – TEBI
m) The quality control training course – QCTC
The Program on Sustainable Corporate Management for the future -SFCM

NGC Program
These are training programs conducted by AOTS but without any financial subsidy. The full cost of the program (as per announcement) has to be paid by the participant. Normally these programs are of about one-week duration. The following are some of the program organised by AOTs under this category in the recent past.(Please click program hyper link for more details)

a) Toyota Way of Management for Company-wide Operational Improvement – TWM
b) Executive Program on Quality Management by Dr. Kano- EPQM
c) Enhanced Production Management for attaining TPS Certificate
d) The Program on Business Planning for South Asian MSMEs

Customized Training Programs for Corporates
AOTS also organizes customized training programs in Japan for Corporates as per their requirements. The course coverage is finalized through discussions with the concerned corporates. These are also fully paid programs. ASA Kerala facilitates such customized programs for the employees of certain large Corporates in Kerala.

Japanese Language Training​

ASA Kerala organizes Japanese Language classes twice a year. We also conducts Japanese Language classes (online as well as classroom sessions) in association with the Additional Skill Acquisition Program (ASAP) authority of the Government of Kerala. ASA Kerala has arrangements to conduct regular classes at its headquarters at Nippon Kerala Centre, Kalamassery as well as at Ernakulam. ASAP organizes classes at different locations.

The courses are aimed at equipping the candidates for the following

a) To prepare the candidate for appearing the N5 level exam of JLPT – Course duration 120hrs. spread over 6 months.
b) To prepare the candidates for appearing the N4 level exam of JLPT. Course duration 240 hrs spread over 12 months.
c) Spoken Japanese crash course of duration 50hrs. spread over 2 months.
d) Customized crash course session are also conducted to meet certain recruitment targets.

Internship Programs

ASA Kerala facilitates the following Internship Programs 

1. Internship in Japan
This is a customized program organized by the Matsue Prefecture Authority of Japan under financial assistance from the Japanese Government for attracting IT students to take up employment in Japan. They also explore possibilities of business collaborations between Japan and Kerala through this program. Students from IT and Computer Science streams are selected from Engineering Colleges/ Universities(with which ASA Kerala or AOTS has exclusive arrangement) A few IT professionals are also selected from IT companies. The selected candidates are required to undergo training in Japanese Language at Nippon Kerala Centre. The entire cost of the program is funded by Japanese Government and hence it is 100% free for the selected candidates (including return air fare to Japan

2. Internship in Kerala for Japanese employees
ASA Kerala arranges internship for employees of Japanese companies. The purpose of this program is to expose the working executives of Japanese companies to the work culture as well as social culture of developing countries.

The selected host companies are adequately compensated by AOTS for accommodating the interns.

Courses on Japanese Systems

Certificates courses on Japanese Management, Production and Quality systems are conducted periodically at Nippon Kerala Centre, Kalamassery. The following are some such courses conducted by us.

1) Kaizen – 1 day
2) Lean systems – 3 days
3) 5S Techniques – 1 day
4) Toyota Production System- 1 day
4) Japanese Systems – 5 days Techniques – 1 day


Skill Enhancement Programs​

ASA Kerala conducts various skill enhancement programs at Nippon Kerala Centre, Kalamassery. The following are the program conducted regularly.(Please click program hyper link for more details)

A. Information Technology
1)  Soft Excel Advanced Techniques– 1day
2)  Spread Sheets  – 2 days
3)  Presentation Software – 1 day
4)  Web designing and Photoshop – 5days
5)  Cyber Security issues – 2 days
6)  Digital possibilities for SME sector – 2 days
7)  Digital marketing – 1 day

B. Knowledge Updating
1) Entrepreneurs Knowledge updating – 2 days
2) Self-employed Knowledge updating -2days
3) Customized orientation program for new recruits – 10 days
4) Know your company for employees – 5 days
5) GST Knowledge updating – 1 day

C. Corporate – General
1) HR solution for SMEs – 1 day
2)  Finance for Non Finance Executives– 1 day
3) Personal financial planning for employees – 1 day
4) Presentation Skill – 2 days
5) Industrial and Labour Laws – 1 day

D. Skill Upgradation Programs
1) High voltage substation Engineering – 5 days
2) Japanese Endowed Corse – 15 workdays
3) Japanese Finishing School – 45 work days

WNF Programs for Foreigners in Kerala

These Programs are conducted with the objective of enhancing friendship among the AOTS Alumni Associations world over. Hence these are designated as “World Network of Friendship” (WNF) Programs by AOTS, Japan. Some of these programs are partially funded by AOTS and hence those programs are partially subsidized for the participants. The programs under this scheme are generally open to Overseas Alumni Associations only. These programs we conduct are normally of 12 days duration.

The following programs are periodically organized by ASA Kerala

1) High Voltage Substation Engineering
2) New Age HR practices
3) New Gen Motor Vehicles Mechatronics
4) Human Resource Development for Productivity
5) Power Generation, Consumption and Maintenance
6) Explore Enchanting Kerala, the God’s own Country