The Japanese Connection

Members of ASA Kerala embrace Japan. We are flattened by our experiences in Japan during our visits to Japan to participate in AOTS Training Programs etc. Japanese work culture, social culture, discipline, hospitality, civic sense, their world-famous work systems etc. were real eye openers to us. Our objective is to pass on this knowledge and experience to those who have not experienced it. We organize various programs and offer services for skill upgradation of the employed, additional skill development for students, the unemployed and the employed. We also offer consultancy and system implementation services to industries.

Programs in Japan for Keralites

ASA Kerala associates with AOTS and other agencies in Japan to facilitate participation of employees and students from Kerala in the various training programs organized in Japan by these agencies. We invite applications, scrutinize the same, interview the applicants and facilitate the final selection process.

1. AOTS Scholarship Programs
These programs are subsidized by AOTS
more details are available in the programs section

2. NGC Programs 
These are some niche programs organized by AOTS

3. Internship in Japan 
For students pursuing professional courses. At present internship is organized only for students of colleges/universities with which we/AOTS has exclusive arrangement.

4. Customized Training Programs
ASA Kerala organizes in association with AOTS Japan, customized training programs for the employees of big corporates like Cochin Shipyard. Such programs are aimed at exposing the employees to modern technologies in action, Japanese Systems, Work Culture and Social Culture.

5. Employment in Japan
We facilitate certain recruitment processes for employment in Japan

6. Study in Japan
Many universities in Japan offer education facilities for foreign students. We extend assistance to the recruitment process.

7. Visit Japan
We guide, facilitates and extend assistance to Keralites planning to visit Japan.

8. Experience Japan Program
We organize programs for students to visit Japan, experience their culture, gain first hand knowledge on their education system, admission procedure etc. so that the students understand the education and employment possibilities in Japan.We facilitate certain recruitment processes for employment in Japan.

Programs in Kerala for Japanese and Foreigners

ASA Kerala organizes internship programs etc. for the Japanese and training programs on certain core topics for other foreigners following are  our major program organized in Kerala for the Japanese and foreigners

1. Internship in Kerala for the Japanese 
We organize internship programs in business organizations and institutions in Kerala for Japanese employees and students. The main objective of the program is to expose Japanese citizens to the work culture and social culture of Kerala/India.

2. Experience Kerala Programs
International participants of our World Network of Friendship training programs are usually taken to various tourist destinations of Kerala during their off days.
We are in the process of organizing a customized Experience Kerala program for Japanese School Students. The program will include home stay and visit to industries and schools.


3. Visit Kerala Programs
We extend all support and assistance to Japanese citizens visiting Kerala through AOTS. Similarly, we offer assistance and support to all overseas and Indian AOTS alumni and our ex WNF program participants for their visit to Kerala.

4. WNF Training Programs 
World Network of Friendship programs are normally organized with financial support from AOTS Japan. These programs are open to the applicants recommended by overseas AOTS Alumni Associations only. 


Training Programs Organized in Kerala

1. Programs on Japanese Systems
Programs on Japanese Production, Quality and Management Systems are organized periodically.

2. Skill Enhancement Programs
These programs are meant for working executives to update and enhance their skill level

3. Additional Skill Acquisition Programs
These Programs are mainly meant for students and unemployed youth. Working executives may also acquire additional skills through these programs

4. Japanese Language Courses
Classroom as well as online classes are conducted to train the candidates for N5 and N4 level exams of JLPT

5. WNF Programs
These programs are conducted mainly for the overseas participants recommended by the overseas AOTS Alumni Associations.

6. Customized Training Programs
These are programs customized as per the needs of the business entities. Customized orientation programs and skill updating/enhancement programs are also conducted

Services to the Business Community

Many of our members are SME Sector entrepreneurs. We have formed a Business Circle inorder to address the issues encountered by the business community. The following are our services in this area.

1. ASA Kerala Business Circle Meetings
ASA Kerala Business Circle meets periodically at Nippon Kerala Centre to discuss business related issues of the members and share their experiences. Besides there will be talks by experts on business related topics. Our professional experts offer guidance, consultancy and systems implementation services.

 2. Start-up supports
ASA Kerala encourages start-up initiatives and extends all possible supports. A few start-ups are already functioning from our premises. We have professionally trained and well experienced members in all major specializations of Engineering, Management professionals, Human Resources Development experts, Architects, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries etc. Their services are available at all stages of development of the start-ups.

3. Customized Training Programs
We offer training programs customized to the needs of the business entities. Customized orientation programs and skill updating/enhancement programs are also conducted.

4. Indo Japan Chamber of Commerce (INJACK)
This is a no-profit oriented company (Section 25 / 8 company) promoted by ASA Kerala. The main objective of this company is to facilitate Kerala-Japan business collaborations. For more details visit


Member Services

ASA Kerala has about 400 members spread all over Kerala. The members belong to various professions viz. Engineers, Architects, Managements experts, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Lawyers, Doctors, IAS personnel etc. and Businessmen. Members command many privileges in this organization. The following are the activities related to the members.

1. Monthly Family Meetings
The first Monday of every month is the members family meet day. The meeting starts at 7 p.m. In addition to dissemination of information related to our activities, there will be a talk on a topic of general interest by a professional expert and/or cultural programs. This is followed by dinner, which is normally hosted by one or more members.

2. Business Circle Meetings
ASA Kerala Business Circle meets periodically at Nippon Kerala Centre to discuss business related issues of the members and share their experiences. Besides, there will be talks by experts on business related topics. Our professional experts offer guidance, consultancy and systems implementation services also

3. Saturday Social and Cultural Meet 
Saturday evenings are fun time at Nippon Kerala Centre. Indulge in some light games, meet and chat with your buddies, develop game circles, join a team to cook some delicacies or arrange food from outside, develop a team and stage a cultural program. Facilities for Card playing, Carroms, Badminton/Shuttle, Snooker etc. are available. Timing 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturdays.

4. Friendship Tour Programs
Members are encouraged to participate in the Friendship Tour Programs organized exclusively for the members and their family. We organize tours to tourist destinations in Kerala, in other parts of India and foreign countries and are of durations ranging from one day to several weeks.

5. Member Discounts
Members are eligible for special discounts for the paid programs organized ASA Kerala. Discounts are also allowed for using the seminar/classroom/guest room facilities at Nippon Kerala Centre. Members who have given loans to ASA Kerala for construction of Nippon Kerala Centre are also eligible for special benefits and privileges for using the facilities here.

Other Services/ Activities

1. Training/ Meeting facilities
We have state of the art class rooms, seminar halls, guest rooms etc. for conducting training programs and meetings. We offer these facilities to non-members also for conducting programs. 

2. Residential Training Programs
We have 20 Guest Rooms with twin beds to accommodate 40 participants for conducting Residential Training Programs. Facilities for Residential Training Programs are offered to non-members also

3. Cultural Programs
Periodically we organize Japanese and Indian Cultural Programs.